Sunday, January 10, 2010

Is Zack Snyder racist?

I ask this question because I am deeply troubled by the portrayal of the Black characters in many of his films . . . in particular "Watchmen." What is more disturbing is that I predicted that he would reduce the highly developed, three-dimensional characters which Alan Moore has created into one-note stereotypes. I also believe that this level of insensitivity has costed "Watchmen" huge dollars because it lacked the cross-over appeal which is essential in transforming a modest film into a major blockbuster. Picking a director who has displayed racist and homophobic tendencies is a subtle form of financial suicide. It’s no wonder that Moore has left his name off the credits of the film ( bless his heart).
Is a shame because minus this fact, Watchmen as a film is a crowning achievement. But it doesn’t even approach the level of human complexity of the ground-breaking graphic series.
In "300" blacks are misogynist animals. In "Watchmen" they are sniveling cowards. What’s next, Zack?

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